We praise you for the creation of the world and all the living creatures in the earth, sky, and sea.
We are thankful, O God.

For the gentle eyes of the deer, the friendship of dogs, the purr of cats, the strength of bears, the beauty of a hippo, the humour of chimps, the intelligence of gorillas, the grace of dolphins, and the magnificence of whales. Help us to keep them safe.
We are thankful, O God.

For the bond between all living creatures created by the same author, and for the memory of our kinship to the animal world kindled each time a rainbow appears.
We are thankful, O God.

Keep us mindful of the vision of the peaceable kingdom in which all living creatures dwell in harmony.
This we pray, O God.

Give us a voice to speak in protest when any of your beloved creatures are treated cruelly. Help us to be advocates for those innocents who cannot speak for themselves.
Give us speech, O God.

Give us ears to hear the cries of those creatures tortured in the name of science, skinned in the name of fashion, and neglected in the name of economy.
Let us hear their cries, O God.

Give us eyes to see our responsibilities, not just to the human community, but to the community of all living creatures. Let us be mindful of the rabbinic injunction that, "The way a person treats an animal is an index to their soul."
Help us to see, O God.

In this world full of violence and unkindness, let us act in a gentle way towards all your creatures. A simple stroke on a dog's head, a scratch on a cat's chin, food for birds in winter, and hunting with cameras only.

Help us to lessen the suffering of your creatures, O God. Hasten the coming of your kingdom when the sun will shine on all your creation living in peace and love.

We pray this, O Lord. Help us to be kind and gentle like our Lord Jesus. And may we remember St. Francis's love of animals whenever we see one of your creations hurt, suffering, and in need of help.

Andrew Linzey in Animal Rites: Liturgies of Animal Care