From bugs of modem and router,
from worms, viruses, and internet afflictions,
deliver us, Good Lord.

From spam, pop-ups, and promotions,
from cyberporn, and bogus addresses,
deliver us, Good Lord.

From voice-messaging chains and menu options
from buck-passing between service providers and
cable companies,
deliver us, Good Lord.

From on-hold muzak and advertising,
from stolen cookies and identity thieves,
deliver us, Good Lord.

Bless us from our booting up
to our shutting down,
and watch over us as our screen-saver fish,
toasters, landscapes, and family photos
morph across our screens,
and until our partial sight dims forever
before your eternal brightness,
everlasting day dawns, and the shadows flee away.

Jennifer M. Phillips in Simple Prayers for Complicated Lives