"Instead of ignoring disruptions — which only would have drawn our attention to them — Dad incorporated them into his prayers. For instance, when my little sister and I started giggling, he asked God to bless our high spirits and good humor. When the German shepherd next door started to bark at some distant siren, he thanked God for the dog. And when our mutt responded, barking and leaping at the sliding-glass doors, Dad asked God to help us keep the pooch happy. When the telephone began to ring, as it always did for my older sister during her high school years, he thanked the good Lord for her popularity and requested a little more peace and quiet around the house....

"What to do with interruptions in prayer? Include them, for goodness' sake. Maybe the interruptions are God's way of reminding us to add something or someone to our prayer list, the Holy Spirit once more clamoring for lordship over our time."

To Practice: Incorporate mentions of whatever interrupts you in your prayers.

Rick Hamlin in Finding God on the A Train: A Journey into Prayer