O God, because You are the source of all life and being,
We call You Creator.

Because we know the history of Your presence among Your people,
We call You Lord.

Because we know You intimately as parent,
We call You Father.

Because You are present at the act of birth, and because You shelter,
nurture, and care for us,
We call You Mother.

Because You give us strength and courage when we are in need,
We call You Sustainer.

Because we have known You in our pain and suffering,
We call You Comforter.

Because beyond pain lies Your promise of all things made new,
We call You Hope.

Because You are the means of liberation and the way to freedom,
We call You Deliverer.

Because You guide us to a world of goodness and peace,
We call You Redeemer.

Confident that You will hear, we call upon You
With all the names that make You real to us.

The names that create an image in our minds and hearts,
An image that our souls can understand and touch.

And yet, You are much more than all these names,
You are more than we will ever know or comprehend.

You are our God, in heaven and earth.
You are our God, now and forever.

Wayne Dosick in Soul Judaism: Dancing with God into a New Era