Since worship is like nourishment for the spirit, the way oxygen is for the body, the more we infuse our day with acts of praise, the more lively our souls will feel. The question inevitably becomes, how can we be in a constant state of prayer when we have worldly obligations? The secret lies in the intention! Anything can be an act of worship if you make the intention of getting close to Allah through that act. To reach the state of ihsan — to be in a perpetual state of awareness, worship, and witnessing of God — we have to begin bringing God-consciousness into everything we do. In order to better explain this, let's run through a list of daily activities, alongside intentional prayers that can be used to heighten our awareness of Allah.

  • When you wake up in the morning, take a few deep breaths and bring your awareness to your heart. Before getting out of bed try saying, "Oh Allah, You are The Awakener, Al-Ba'ith, thank you for giving me another chance to love, worship and surrender to You more completely. As I get out of this bed this morning, help me step deeper into my faith and to feel the peace that comes from proximity to You."
  • Before brushing your teeth, you can say, "Oh Allah. You are The Most Generous, Al-Karim. As I brush my teeth, may You allow the words of my mouth to spring from Your source of love, peace, and kindness. Allah, help me purify my tongue from the remembrance of anything other than You."
  • When taking a shower, try saying, "Oh Allah, You are The Most Pure, Al-Quddus, as I wash my body may I also wash away the mistakes of the day and my forgetfulness of You. May the blessing of water unveil the purity of my soul, allowing me to receive the light of Your mercy."
  • When putting on your clothes, you can say, "Oh Allah, You are The Provider, Ar-Razzaq, as I dress my body with clothes that you have provided for me, may You dress my spirit with the cloak of holiness and light."
  • Before eating try saying, "Oh Allah, You are The Nourisher, Al-Muqeet, thank you for this food before me, may this food serve to strengthen my body and keep me healthy and energetic to make my worship of You passionate and infused with love."
  • Before driving or getting on public transport, you can say, "Oh Allah, You are The Bestower of Safety, Al-Muhaymin, may I safely travel from where I am to where I seek to be, both in this life and the next."
  • Before working, you can say, "Oh Allah, You are the Creator, Al-Khaliq, as I begin this project, help me to reflect your qualities of creativity, strength, and peace into my work. Allah, use me as a vessel to bring others closer in proximity to You."
  • Before seeing friends, try saying, "Oh Allah, You are The Most Merciful, Ar-Rahman, may I interact with others in a way that reflects Your qualities of kindness, mercy, love, and compassion."
  • Before sleeping, you can say, "Oh Allah, You are The All-Aware, Al-Khabir, while I sleep tonight, keep my heart awake in remembrance of you."
  • Take a moment and write down 2 - 3 other activities you do on a daily basis. Make sure to add an intentional prayer alongside each activity.
  • Notice how your daily activities feel different when you bring the presence of Allah into them.
A. Helwa in Secrets of Divine Love