In every moment of our life, through our actions and intentions, we are either in alignment or disconnection with our souls. To assure we are not unconsciously choosing to oppress ourselves, it helps to have a daily practice of accountability. The following exercise is a simple but powerful way to live by design instead of by defeat. For the next week, take 5 minutes every night before you sleep to mentally scan your thoughts and actions of the day.

  • Bring awareness to the moments that you witnessed God, honored your heart, and emulated divine qualities of love, kindness, forgiveness, peace, and unity.
  • Celebrate these moments and express gratitude to Allah for bringing you closer to Him through His qualities.
  • Once you have fully honored the spiritual successes of the day, bring awareness to the moments you felt forgetful of God in your actions or thoughts.
  • Instead of judging or shaming yourself for these actions, show gratitude to Allah for showing you the places you turned away, so that you have the opportunity to course-correct.
  • Take a moment to experience the feelings of remorse that come up and use the fuel of regret as a means of turning to God in repentance by saying: Astaghfirullah al-'Azeem wa atubu ilaih, which means "I seek forgiveness from Allah, The Mighty, and turn to Him in repentance."
  • Repeat this chant 33 - 100 times.
  • Be conscious of where you may be being hard on yourself. Remind yourself that Allah's mercy is and always will be greater than your worst sins. Place your right hand on the center of your chest and make the intention of opening your heart to Allah's loving, merciful forgiveness.
  • Allow yourself to experience a moment of gratitude, by saying, "Alhamdullilah, thank you my Lord for calling me back to You, by blessing me with the awareness that I have turned away."
  • Make the intention of increasing the activities that brought you closer to God and diminishing the actions that turned your heart away from God.
  • This may be difficult at first, so continuously turn to Allah and ask for His help in keeping you aligned with Him.
  • Reflect and observe how your state may change over the course of the week. Journal about these changes.
A. Helwa in Secrets of Divine Love