Attentive and caring God,
you hear the cries of those in pain.
There are people everywhere who walk
a path filled with suffering and sorrow.
I have the privilege and challenge
of journeying with _________________ .
It pains me to be unable to take away the hurt.
It saddens me to be unable to alleviate his (her) burdens.
Help me to not be afraid to be there with the pain.
Let me not run from what distresses and disturbs me
when this suffering invades my peace and happiness.

I want to be generous with my attention and my care.
May your Spirit guide me so that I will make good choices
about how much I can be and do for ________________.
Do not allow me to become so engulfed with the suffering
that I lose my balance and my ability to be with his (her) pain.
Bless all who walk with someone who suffers.

Joyce Rupp in Your Sorrow Is My Sorrow: Hope and Strength in Times of Suffering