Experiment with bringing into your day and life the intention to extend a generosity of spirit to others and to yourself. Sense if it is possible for you to bring loving kindness in the face of judgment, forgiveness in the face of condemnation, and attention in your moments when you are tempted to banish someone from your attention and heart.

Notice the moments in your day when you feel you don't "have enough" time, energy, or attention to truly listen or attend to someone who asks you to be present for them. Sense whether it is possible to step out of your feelings of haste and busyness and truly be present for the person before you. Sense the possibility of putting aside your own timetables and busyness to bring a wholehearted attention to those moments.

In the moments when your mind feels too full to truly listen to another person, explore the possibility of being able to step out of the swirl of your own thoughts to attend with care and sensitivity to the person asking for your attention and presence.

Sense what happens in you when someone asks you for help or a person on the street asks you for money. Generosity does not demand giving, but it does ask us to be aware of what happens within us when we are asked to give.

Notice the moments when you find yourself caught in judgment, greed, or impatience in your day. Sense what happens when instead of acting on those impulses you are able to pause and be more generous with your patience and acceptance.

Sense what happens in your own heart and mind in the moments when you find yourself able to be truly generous. Be aware of the happiness and joy that are intrinsic to authentic generosity.

Christina Feldman in Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Calm