Let your body relax into an alert and upright meditative posture.

Gently close your eyes.

Focus your attention for some moments on your breathing, consciously following each out-breath with your attention until its very ending.

Sense the letting go within your breathing -- letting go of preoccupation, busyness, and turmoil.

Settle into calmness and simplicity, being fully present in just this moment.

When you find yourself present and calm in your breathing, open your attention and invite into your attention the most recent memory of a moment, an event, or conversation that was burdened by struggle, anxiety, or resistance.

Hold that memory or image gently and calmly in your attention, without being tempted to justify, condemn, or explain it.

Ask yourself what it is you may be being asked to let go of to find greater ease, peace, and simplicity. Is it expectation, judgment, fear, anger?

Hold the question gently in your attention and sense the response that my intuitively arise from your heart.

If you find yourself becoming lost in the story, return your attention to your breathing for a few moments, releasing each out-breath fully, until once more you find yourself calm and relaxed.

You might invite into your attention another recent time when you have been embroiled in confusion, argument, or discord with another person.

Again hold that image or moment simply in your attention.

What are you being asked to let go of, to release to bring the disharmony or argument to an end?

Sense how you may walk down familiar pathways of judgment, blame, or self-hatred. Is it possible to bring some wise restraint to those pathways, to walk new pathways of compassion, tenderness, and loving kindness?

Whenever your attention gets caught in a memory of story, return to be aware of your breathing.

Sense that your willingness to come back to your breath, to be fully present in just one breath and one moment at a time, is in itself a way of letting go. It is releasing the story and the sense of imprisonment.

Hold lightly in your attention the question: "What can I let go of to find greater simplicity, peace, and freedom in my life?"

Allow an intuitive response to emerge, sensing the spaciousness born of being able to let go.

When you are ready, open your eyes and come out of the meditation.

Christina Feldman in Heart of Wisdom, Mind of Calm