Never forget the importance of the simplicity of your approach to meditation. It does not matter how long we have been meditating, each of us must try every day to meditate every morning and every evening. The minimum time is about twenty minutes; the optimum time about thirty. All you have to learn to do is to say your mantra, your word, from the beginning to the end of each meditation.

Ma ra na tha [Come Lord]

Leave the rest to God. Everything beyond that is gift. We do not go to meditation with any demands. Essentially we go to meditate because we know there is only the going. There is only the way. To be on the way is the only ultimately important thing. Do not be discouraged when you find you are not saying your mantra. Return to it. Do not be discouraged if you find you miss one of your meditations or if you give up the practice for a while. Return to it. Always remember there is only the way: the way to God.

"So may you attain to fullness of being, the fullness of God himself." (Eph. 3.19)

John Main in Fully Alive by John Main, Laurence Freeman, editor