1. Write a short reflection about trust in your life: how you feel when you trust another, how trust affects relationships with others, how you have rebuilt broken trust, etc.

2. Think back over the years into your childhood, teen years, young adult years, middle age. What are some highs and lows in your adventures with trust? Make a timeline with notations about these times. Who have been your teachers of trust, "some caring and others cruel?"

3. Make a list of people who have proved worthy of your trust, and another of people who have proved untrustworthy. What do you notice as you compare the two lists?

Questions to Ponder

1. Think about times when you have been overly gullible. What caused you to feel that way? What's changed?

2. Have there been times in your life when you lost and regained trust in someone? What was that like? What part does forgiveness play in trust?

3. Have you ever continued a relationship with someone you couldn't trust? How did you make that safe for you?

4. Have you ever betrayed someone's trust? Were you able to reestablish the relationship?

5. What can be trusted in your life? What will sustain you? What do you really need in order to live?

Most people have several folks in their lives who have taught them important lessons about trust, both positive and negative. Think about some of those teachers and what they taught you. Choose one teacher of trust you are willing to talk about in the group.

Christina Robinson, Alicia Hawkins in Soul to Soul