It is important to focus on the reality of cycles. Good follows bad and bad follows good. Life is a series of ups and downs. It is important not to identify with the ups and downs of life; rather we must learn how to step outside ourselves and just notice. We must not be attached to the good; we must not be depressed by the bad. The ups and downs are just part of the flow of life.

There is no use trying to change the order of the Universe ... it won't work. Sorry about that! You can't get rid of the downs and you can't hold on to the ups. It's much better to notice both with the understanding that "This too shall pass." When things are wonderful ... this too shall pass. When things are difficult ... this too shall pass. Once you have this recognition, you are much more relaxed about events in your life.

It helps to get this harmonious flow of life imprinted in your brain by watching what is happening in your life and consciously "noticing" that it is all temporary, that is, this too shall pass. For example …

I feel great today -- this too shall pass.
I feel horrible today -- this too shall pass.
The weather is great -- this too shall pass.
The weather is horrible -- this too shall pass.

It is more difficult, but perhaps more important, to do this exercise with the more meaningful parts of our lives, for example, with our relationships....

So, beginning today, imprint the words, "This too shall pass," in your mind. It is an important thought. And, as I suggest you do with all important thoughts and affirmations, write it on a little card and place it wherever you can see it as a constant reminder.

Susan Jeffers in Embracing Uncertainty