Rabbi Simcha Zissel Ziv of Kelm (1824–1898) developed a strategy to never lose his temper. He had a special jacket that he had set aside to wear when he was angry. He said, "When I feel anger coming on, I know that I have to get my special jacket. But, by the time I do, I am no longer angry."

PHRASE Still waters of the heart.

PRACTICE Set yourself an activity that you must do when you feel anger coming on, such as drinking a glass of water, or changing your shoes, before you permit yourself to respond.

Using this format you can arise in the morning, read the teaching and repeat the phrase of the day so that it resonates in your consciousness. You will find many chances to practice this trait during your activities and interactions with others. Then in the evening you can record in your journal what happened during the day and the lessons learned from your experiences.

Alan Morinis in Every Day, Holy Day