1. Open your heart and mind and welcome the unknown.

2. In your mind's eye, imagine yourself connected to the higher frequency of light energy that is working for your highest good.

3. Set your intention and invite the world of spirit to communicate with you.

4. See yourself as a successful receiver of messages.

5. Invite universal spirit to show you the way.

6. Engage your psychic antenna — then pay attention to what you pick up.

7. Tune in to the elegant nuance of your intuition.

8. Keep in mind that the world is filled with metaphors and emerging shapes. Notice what attracts your attention and how you are drawn to it.

9. Remember, your personal oracles are always tailored specifically to you and to your particular needs at any given moment.

10. Tame that monkey mind chatter! Ignore your monkey mind if it tries to plant doubt or draw you into a dialogue. It's just trying to deflect your attention from your inner knowing.

11. Use sticky notes and shoe boxes, journals, or e-files to document and store your personal oracles and cultivate your intuition.

When your intuition sends you an important message, write it down while it's still fresh in your mind. When that nudge says, "Something special is happening here," grab a notebook, sticky note, iPad, phone, or computer and record it. This is how you get to know and expand your intuition. Plus, it prevents you from believing in such monkey mind chatter as "That didn't really happen," "You're just imagining it," "It's not logical."

The sticky-note shoe-box method is a friendly alternative if you're technically challenged or not one to write in a journal. You don't have to use an actual shoe box; it can be any box or container in which you store those experiences you want to remember. Maybe you've written notes on a napkin in a restaurant or scribbled on the back of a photo or torn off a sticky note from a pad in your desk or that you carry with you. Just plunk those pieces of paper in the box for future reference.

A shoe box also is an ideal place to store photographs of your mysterious cloud messages, or any other forms that come your way. When you see an image that you want to remember but don't have a camera handy, pick up a pen or pencil and draw it, then add it to your shoe-box collection. My shoe box contains photographs, notes, quotes, newspaper clippings, a feather that drifted to the ground right in front of my feet, and a multitude of other solved and unsolved mysteries. You'll be amazed at how fast your stockpile of personal oracle experiences grows. Reviewing them can be enlightening. The meaning of some messages crystallizes over time. What you didn't understand then, you may understand now, or later.

And in case you're wondering what to do when you fill up your shoe box, there are always drawers!

12. Remember to share your experiences with others; this validates and expands everyone's awareness.

Ann Bolinger-McQuade in Everyday Oracles