Tonight, as you move toward sleep, imagine looking up at the crowns of trees and seeing a display of crown shyness. Visualize the kind of mosaic the branches and leaves and patches of sky create. Feel the sunlight coming through the gaps between the tree branches, touching your face.

Now look inward and take a moment to center yourself, quieting your mind, breathing with intention. Extend lovingkindness toward yourself. Do you need to give yourself permission to be more comfortable and to shine more brightly? Do you need to allow distance between yourself and someone who is keeping you in the shade or seems to absorb too large a share of the nutrients that help you thrive?

Look with compassion on that person, and perhaps imagine maintaining a safe distance between you, giving you a little buffer.

Silently repeat a mantra in your mind: I am safe. I am secure. I am protected. I have space.

Jennifer Grant in Dimming the Day