Start this practice on the floor, on your hands and knees. You will need some padding under your knees — a folded blanket, for example.

Begin by inhaling slowly, letting your mid back sag while reaching your head and your tail to the sky. Now exhale slowly, dropping your head and your tail while rounding your back. Do this three times at a slow, leisurely pace, inhaling as your back sags and exhaling as it arches.

Now begin to circle your hips. To help you get into the spirit of the movement, summon your inner feline (think cat, lion, tiger, cougar, jaguar, puma). Circle in a slow, leisurely way. Allow your hips to take the lead and let your shoulders, torso, and head follow along. Move your head this way and that, looking back at your tail from one side and then the other. Look up at the sky. Drop the crown of your head toward the earth.

Take slow, deep breaths as you move.

Keep circling, exploring movement in your torso, hips, shoulders, neck, and head while on your hands and knees for about five minutes. Take slow, deep animal breaths.

At the end, growl, roar, and shake your body all over, like a lion stepping from the river to the shore.

Willa Blythe Baker in The Wakeful Body