This is a visualization to use for divine protection, increased awareness, and well-being. Please record this onto your device in a soft, slow, soothing voice, and then play it back and follow the instructions.

Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Please keep them closed until I tell you to open them. Take a big deep breath of relaxation. Breathe in… And out… Take a big deep breath of inner peace. Breathe in… And out… Take a big deep breath of divine light. Breathe in… And out… Then breathe normally. Peace, peace, be still. Be still and be at peace. Perfect peace, perfect peace, perfect peace. Be still and be at peace.

Now imagine that Spirit is filling your body and aura with divine love… Waves of unconditional love are now cascading into and through your entire energy field, pervading it with ecstatic oneness… Spirit is now streaming divine light into your aura and filling your entire energy field with beauteous radiant light… Spirit is now flooding your aura with currents of divine grace and blessings.

Now visualize that your energy field is being blanketed with divine protection. It is now encased in a strong, thick, but resilient covering that brings strength, safety, security, and fortification. Now imagine that you are the Buddha, sitting in meditation cross-legged under the bodhi tree. Visualize that your energy field is now vibrating and pulsating. Your aura is radiating divine energy and emitting the glow of pure love, light, peace, wisdom, and compassion. Spend a few moments in this blissful state… [Record 30 seconds of silence here.]

Now it is time to return from this meditation. Take a few deep breaths and pretend that you are blowing out at least four candles… [Record 10 seconds of silence here.] Then open your eyes and say this affirmation audibly in a powerful, positive voice:

I AM alert… I AM awake… I AM in control… I AM the only authority in my life… I AM divinely protected…by the light of my being… Thank you God, and SO IT IS.

Susan Shumsky in Earth Energy Meditations