Please take time to slow down, turn within, and breathe deeply as you contemplate these questions. Have your journal nearby.

Emotional Repair: Do you have unfinished business with parents? Siblings? Children? Partners or ex-partners? Friends?

What goes unspoken or undone that will lead to regret?

Which shadow character stops you from forgiving others? What does it gain from holding on?

Which shadow character stops you from forgiving yourself?

Take a few breaths and move into presence. Put attention on one of those parts of yourself that is still young or small or hurting, living in shame or rejection. Attune to that part as you would to a small child. Locate it in your body. Sense it and listen to it, becoming very quiet, present. Then pour your love into that small child or angry teen or disappointed young adult. Love him or her deeply, fiercely, until you feel a shift.

Connie Zweig in The Inner Work of Age