Sit somewhere comfortable and relax. Think back to a happy memory or a recent event. Immerse yourself in that memory. Try to remember every detail, and ask the following questions. What was the weather like? What were you wearing? Who was there? Can you remember any scents, sounds, or tastes?

For those who take easily to visual spirit sensing but struggle to bring the other senses into the spiritual realm, begin with the ordinary versions of the other senses. Pay special attention to the scent, sounds, tastes, and feelings of your day-to-day life. As your mind wanders from this task, gently bring it back to focus. If this is too difficult, from time to time close your eyes and take note of the input from your other senses.

Before visiting somewhere that you go often, take a few moments to recall one of your previous visits. When you arrive at the location, keep your recollection in mind and make some mental notes of any differences. Consider whether these differences are due to a lapse in memory, an objective change, or if they indicate something about the place energetically.

Working with a partner, have one person leave the room. The remaining person silently invokes a spiritual presence. The person who left must detect what sort of being was invoked. Don’t forget to thank those who were called after the exercise is done.

Using all of your spirit senses, create a sacred space for yourself in as much detail as you can. Sit quietly and visualize this space on a regular basis. Each time you do this, record exactly what you heard, smelled, felt, tasted, or saw. After several visits, compare your records. Take note of any changes or evolutions, and consider whether they were of your making or outside your control. If this place becomes a place of importance and you feel it is in existence somewhere Other, be sure to energetically protect it when you go there, and to honor it and its gifts to you.

Christine Grace in The Witch at the Forest's Edge