Here are two possible ways to be with someone:
(a) be physically present with another or
(b) be present "in spirit" by deliberately sending prayer, compassionate thoughts, and kind feelings toward another person or group.
Either approach could be appropriate for each of the following suggestions.

Be with someone who needs you.
Be with a person who gives you hope.
Be with those who live in terror and fear.
Be with an older person.
Be with someone who has helped you to grow.
Be with one who is in pain.
Be with a war-torn country.
Be with yourself.
Be with someone who has written to you.
Be with a child.
Be with a refugee who is fleeing from harm.
Be with an enemy, or someone you dislike.
Be with a farmer losing his or her land.
Be with someone who has terminal illness.
Be with the homeless.
Be with those who suffer from substance abuse.
Be with hungry children.
Be with a coworker.
Be with those whose hope is faint.
Be with world leaders.
Be with someone in your family.
Be with men and women in prison.
Be with someone working for justice.
Be with those who are abused and neglected.
Be with your loved ones.

God of love, you were so generous, sending the presence of your Beloved to dwell among us and to tell us who you are. Encourage me during this Advent season to continue in the sharing of this loving presence through my attentiveness, given in prayer and deeds. You who dwell within me, remind me often to let go of my busyness and my hurriedness so that I can be with others in a loving way. Convince me that "being" is as important as "doing." Thank you for your strengthening presence. Thank you for being with me. Amen.

Each of the above suggestions could be written on an index card and placed in the center of an Advent wreath. Draw one card out each day. The concluding prayer could be prayed each day after drawing the card out.

Joyce Rupp in Out of the Ordinary