Let's begin with a habit of morning prayer
that takes almost no time at all,
but can help to reconnect us to God and to our world
after the darkness of sleep.

When you draw back the curtains on rising,
simply notice the sunrise,
or just the fact that light has returned.

Receive this light with an open heart,
as a gift from the creator of all light
and as a gift from all the human family
living to the east of you….

The energy of the sun,
whether we can actually see or feel it or not,
gives life to our bodies and our earth.

The energy of God, whether we are aware of it or not,
makes our souls live
and invites all creation into the fullness of life.

The first moments of the day
can be a call to celebration and heartfelt gratitude,
concentrated into the moments it takes you to open
your curtains,
but setting the tone for your whole day.

You can make this kind of prayer in reverse
at nightfall,
when you draw the curtains closed again,
before retiring into the darkness
of a winter evening,
or a summer night.

Take a last look at the sunset,
or the waning light and lengthening shadows.
In your heart, pass the gift of light and life onwards
to all the human family
living to the west of you.

Margaret Silf in The Gift of Prayer