Breathe out slowly, releasing all that disturbs you, tires you, or obscures you.

Breathe in the blue light from the sky. See it traveling through your nostrils, down your throat, and down your back as a great river of light. When it reaches your pelvic floor, see it switch to the front of your body, travel up to your throat and back down your back to your pelvis, then go up again, inscribing an oval of blue light in your body. Let this oval become larger and more circular until it becomes a great wheel of light circulating back to front, to back again. Continue watching the wheel turn until it becomes brilliant white.

When the wheel is brilliant white, see it begin to spiral toward and into the secret chamber of your heart. Follow it in and face the portal to the divine (or mystery) that is open at the back of your heart.

Breathe out. Bow to it, prostrate yourself fully on the ground, promising to submit to the mystery inherent in the space.

Breathe out. Turn and sit facing forward, sending the brilliant white light out in all directions.

Breathe out. Slowly reintegrate your whole body, seeing yourself emanating light in all directions.

Open your eyes, seeing this with open eyes.

Catherine Shainberg in The Kabbalah of Light