St. Bridget’s Day is celebrated in honor of the ancient goddess known as Bridget, Bride, Brigid, or Brid, the goddess of fire and inspiration. In Ireland, she is the triple goddess of poetry, metalcraft, and healing. In the sixth century, an Irish woman named Bridget, who is said to have been the daughter of a Catholic mother and a Druid father, learned both the faith of the dominant culture Christianity and the ancient goddess religion and eventually become an abbess of the Catholic Church. She was a much beloved abbess, who often meditated in the woods near Kildare. The people believed she was the ancient goddess reborn as a healer and spiritual leader of her people. Over the centuries, the two Bridgets have become one with the weaving of folklore and the passing of time….

To celebrate St. Bridget’s Day, place a centerpiece on your kitchen table, perhaps a sheaf of wheat in a basket or a flower arrangement, then surround it with candles for the fire of inspiration. You can also add fabric for Bridget’s dress and/or symbols of St. Bridget – such as a healing poem, a piece of metal, or some healing herbs – in the basket. Share with your friends or family the significance of the objects and encourage them to add to the arrangement. You can also ask that they share a healing poem or story at dinner or throughout the month when you share meals together. Another idea is to share what inspires each of you in your lives. The answers may surprise you!

Robin Hereens Lysne in Sacred Living