At times, we are messengers for each other. Like angels, who go about the task of infusing the world with sacred meaning, each one of us has tried, in some way, to make each relationship and encounter meaningful. We know that without each other, without our synergy, we’d never have accomplished all that we did. Let us celebrate all the ways that we nurture and support one another.

Blessed are You, Eternal God, who fulfills Your vision through our hands.


We have been, for each other, messengers, catalysts, conduits of energy. We have created connections between heaven and earth. By making a difference in each other’s lives, we have brought each other a step closer to being more complete. Whether we mean to play this role or it just seemed to happen, we have been, for each other, angels: messengers of divine purpose in the world. Only through each of our unique contributions could we complete our works together.


When you reach the conclusion of a project, a class, a board meeting or a retreat, and when the time to part has come for people who have been together, acknowledge the many ways—known and unknown—that you have touched each other’s lives. Share words that celebrate the contribution others have made to your life. Offer thanks for the specific gifts you have received, beginning: “I thank you for….”


(When all the words of thanks have been shared)
Blessed are You, Eternal God, who dispatches angels.
May we depart in peace, messengers of peace, messengers of the most High.

Rabbi Irwin Kula, editor, Vanessa L. Ochs, editor in The Book of Jewish Sacred Practices