“Let us imagine a relationship, any relationship, in its pure state. Let us imagine it is stripped of judgment, spite, comparison, and so on. We find ourselves in front of the other without screen or defense. Then we are immediately able to resonate. Freed of the ballast, we feel lighter. We forget our hurry. We are free. Then empathy is possible. And so too is knowledge. If you and I are open to each other, without barriers between us, then I feel your feelings and you feel mine. I feel understood by you and you by me. If you are suffering, I want your suffering to end, and if I am suffering, I know you will support me. If you are happy, I am too, and if things are going well for me, I know you are pleased.
And maybe nothing more is needed.”

To Practice:
Choose a relationship that is important to you. Spend five minutes visualizing it in its pure state – with no barriers between the two of you. Over the next few days, notice how you approach the relationship differently.

Piero Ferrucci in The Power of Kindness