In some traditional circles, the practice of Daf Yomi is a popular form of daily study. The concept of Daf Yomi is quite simple. Every day one studies one page of Talmud. This may sound simple, but given the tremendous length of the Talmud, to go through it a page a day takes seven years. There are different types of audiotapes, online sites, and even some phone-in lines to help one through the process of studying teach day.

Studying Talmud is said to sharpen the mind in a way that almost no other type of Jewish study does. Judith Abrams’ book The Talmud for Beginners can provide a way into Talmud study. Some groups have taken an alternative road, studying a page a day of Encyclopedia Judaica, the master work of Jewish scholarship on everything related to Judaism.

Kerry M. Olitzky, editor, Daniel Judson, editor in The Rituals and Practices of Jewish Life