Spend some moments reflecting on your day, specifically considering people in your life whom you may have wronged during the day.

Recite the blessing for forgiveness.

Ruler of the universe, I hereby forgive everyone who angered me, irked me, or sinned against me. Whether it was against my body or against my possessions, or against my honor or anything that is mine. Whether it was willful or by mistake, intentionally or unintentionally; whether through word or deed or thought…. May no one be punished because of me…. And, God, may I sin no more, and whatever my sins may be, please erase them.

As you say the blessing that invokes the angels for protection let you mind wander to those in your life and in the world who need protection. Envision the angels’ protection over all of those people.

Allow yourself to end the day with some absolute quiet. Focus on the words of the Shema as a meditation to help you remove yourself form the day, to ease yourself towards relaxation and sleep.

If you have children, consider learning a Jewish song to be sung at bedtime, and say the Shema with them.

You may want to read a selection from [Kerry M.] Olitzky and [Lori] Forman’s Restful Reflections: Nighttime Inspiration to Calm the Soul, Based on Jewish Wisdom (Jewish Lights)…before or after you say your nighttime prayers.

Kerry M. Olitzky, editor, Daniel Judson, editor in The Rituals and Practices of a Jewish Life