Place a mark beside those that apply to you thus far in your life. It is fine to check contradictory experiences.

☐ For me, G*d expresses the Oneness of the evolving cosmos.
☐ G*d is that to which I cry out when I am in pain.
☐ G*d is a still, small voice within me.
☐ I do not believe there is a listening G*d.
☐ G*d is a direction for my awe and praise of the stunning fabric of creation of which we are a small part.
☐ Creation is a chaotic, random, emotion-free phenomenon. I experience no inherent Unified Field of Being.
☐ G*d is what you and I resemble in both our creative and destructive nature.
☐ G*d is creation evolving with an inherent curiosity and affinity for making connections, seeking all possibilities, becoming what it is becoming.
☐ As the head talks to the hand, the heart to the legs, as we have an inner intelligence that communicates with the whole, so too is there such an inner communication within all of life.
☐ G*d is the encoded consciousness of a unified cosmos that is innately aware of its needs, constantly deploying us as an important part of the present and future.
☐ G*d is the cosmos’ ability to interact with us – our choices shifting its realities, its unfolding realities impacting on our choices.
☐ G*d is as vast and inconceivable as infinity and as intimate and familiar as love and death.
☐ G*d is our sensation of the deep structure of matter through which the words and the very letters of Torah, like a form of DNA, encode ways of achieving, healing, connection, loving-kindness, and peace.
☐ Please add your own experiences/words.

Perhaps you will find refreshing the responses my colleagues Rabbis Jane Litman and Marcia Prager have given to questions about whether they believe in G*d:
When people ask if I believe in G*d, I say, “no.”
Then I surprise them by saying “Actually, I experience G*d.”

Goldie Milgram in Meaning & Mitzvah