Affirmations are wonderful tools. Affirmative statements tell the universe what you want with clarity and purpose. And focusing on the positive is the best way to create the life you desire. I'd like to offer a list of compassion affirmations that you can say whenever the mood strikes you:

  • I choose compassion in each moment.
  • I am conscious and aware.
  • I infuse my compassion practice with pure love.
  • Joy and compassion are my main goals.
  • My sensitivity and empathy serve my highest and best interest.
  • I extend the utmost love and compassion to myself in each moment.
  • I am compassion.
  • My consciousness is woven through with love, joy, and compassion.

It's very powerful to post affirmative statements in your environment. Every time you see print in your environment, you will read it, and so you'll program your mind and cells with the words that you read.

Amy Leigh Mercree in The Compassion Revolution