Tonight, try to set aside at least thirty minutes before bed for quiet time. That might be reading something happy and relaxing, quietly looking at a magazine, drawing with colored pencils or meditating. Whatever you choose, make sure that it doesn't involve anything electronic. If you'd like to meditate, you can use a simple mantra to slow down your thoughts for a few minutes before bed.

A mantra is simply a word or series of words repeated over and over with intention as something to focus on besides the chatter of the mind. You can choose anything you like for a mantra. The words "joy" and "peace" are always nice, and the word "love" is a wonderful mantra. Some people who practice yoga like to use Sanskrit words like om and shanti, which means "peace."

If you choose to meditate, this is a way to slow down your mind before you go to sleep so you can sleep more restfully. Whatever you do before bed, make it restful and relaxing to set the stage for a great night's sleep.

Slowing down your thoughts on a regular basis
is the path to consistent peace of mind.

Amy Leigh Mercree in The Compassion Revolution