Start by gently following the pathway of your in-breath, and then your out-breath. Notice how much your breath can teach you about how to balance inner and outer. Continue gently following your breath until your mind becomes calm and receptive. Then read the meditation several times, letting the words enter your consciousness. If you follow this time of focusing on the meditation with a period of stillness, the words will settle in you at a deeper level. Sometimes you may want to return to [the] meditation several times during the day, or work with an especially relevant meditation for several days.

Today I focus on Marion Woodman's words as she gives
me courage to fearlessly face all the parts of myself:
"In finding our own story, we assemble all the parts
of ourselves. Whatever kind of mess we have made of it,
we can somehow see the totality of who we are and
recognize how our blundering are related. We can own
what we did and value who we are, not because of the
outcome, but because of the soul story that propelled us."

Gail Straub in Circle of Compassion