The mantra for honor is "Find the good in anyone." Given our very human tendency to judge others, "find the good in anyone" offers an alternative. As you start to judge another, try to find the good in them. In fact, try to look for something good in every person you encounter during the day. What is the good in your annoying coworker? Maybe he dresses well. Maybe he speaks warmly about his children, even if he treats his admin poorly. Maybe she watches your favorite TV show. Finding the good in others is transformative because judging others is stressful. When you stop judging, you’ll experience more calmness of the soul.


As you go through your day, pay attention to your impressions of other people. Observe how often you are judging them. Notice situations when you are chasing honor, in that you are craving attention or recognition. Pay attention to how you praise others; are you giving the right amount of honor or are you giving too much praise? Is the praise genuine and from the heart or is there a manipulative undercurrent to your words?

In addition, observe your internal world. When you are judging others, does it make you feel good? If you are praising others, does it make you feel bad?

Write about your observations in your journal at the end of the day or as they occur. Look for opportunities to act differently.

Greg Marcus in The Spiritual Practice of Good Actions