Let yourself settle into the sensations in your body. Feel the felt sense of your body as a whole. Notice breath rising and falling naturally. Allow breath to breathe you.

Remember what happened that hurt you. Remember all the details, including specific painful actions that another person inflicted on you. Notice your feelings about this event right now; register your body feelings and emotions.

Become aware of the deeper feelings behind your feelings of hurt, perhaps betrayal, a deep sense of woundedness, helplessness, or fear. Again, notice your body feelings and emotions.

In your fantasy, imagine what you wish this person had done instead, something that was not hurtful but healing. Look deep inside yourself and recognize your deepest need – that is, the response from the other person you really needed in that situation, a response you did not receive. Be specific. Let yourself experience what it would feel like if your need was deeply met.

Let yourself reflect on what you have in common with the person who hurt you, recognizing your common humanity.

Knowing what you know about the person who has hurt you, what do you understand to be the causes that may have led them to harm you?

Take a wider perspective: What lesson did you learn? How can this be seen from a broader view on human life? Notice what happens when you expand your outlook.

Imagine letting go of some of the resentment you feel, or at least hold the intention to do so at some point. Notice your body feelings and emotions.

Imagine a world in which compassion and forgiveness are natural to most people. Again, notice your body feelings and emotions.

Dedicate the fruits of your practice to all beings.

Radhule Weininger in Heart Medicine