Read [and reflect on the message below] in the context of your own faith, but with a curiosity, an openness, to hear what Native America has to say, to teach, to share…. When you enter into the mystery of these words for yourself, do so without preconception or judgment. With honesty and humility. Enter the deep earth of our ancient longing and reach for the highest branches of our collective hope…. Take each message as you find it. Let it speak to you directly. Ponder its meaning.

My ancestors valued silence.
That is the room where the mind goes to think.

The elders say it is not possible
For people to make good choices
If everyone is constantly talking.

Wisdom is not measured by volume.
If it takes an hour to get to the point,
The point has already gone.

Religious or political insight
Does not come with a glib tongue
A fast answer, or a sales pitch.

Listen to the person who has little to say
But always something worth hearing when they do.

The Spirit did not need more than a word
To make the light shine.

Steven Charleston in Spirit Wheel