Read [and reflect on the message below] in the context of your own faith, but with a curiosity, an openness, to hear what Native America has to say, to teach, to share…. When you enter into the mystery of these words for yourself, do so without preconception or judgment. With honesty and humility. Enter the deep earth of our ancient longing and reach for the highest branches of our collective hope…. Take each message as you find it. Let it speak to you directly. Ponder its meaning.

Go wild once in a while.
Go rogue.
Do something outrageous and unexpected
Something fun and fanciful
Throwing caution
And a lot of other things
Your mother always told you
To the wind.

Scandalize the prim and proper set
Take a chance on your own imagination
Your own sense of direction
Testing the limits of how far you can fly
When the wind is at your back
The world before you open with possibilities
And the people who told you
You would never get off the ground
Are far, far behind you.

Go wild once in a while.

Steven Charleston in Spirit Wheel