Allow some time to breathe deeply and slow down your mind and body. Notice what your body needs for more ease – some shifting or stretching. Then bring your awareness down to your heart center. Enter the sanctuary of the heart where the divine spark of aliveness dwells. Rest here for some time simply being.

Imagine God, the Source of Life, creating a circle of protection around you. Allow a few moments to notice its color. Within this circle you are protected by the Divine Presence in every direction.

Ask the Sacred Source of All to reveal to you your guardian angel. Call on this presence to become visible to you. Open the eyes of your heart.

Try not to force something to happen. Rest in a space of openness, knowing you are being held by the Beloved.

When your guardian angel is revealed, spend some time being in their company. Notice their color, energy, and quality of presence. Ask them for their name. Rest together for a while. See how your body responds.

If nothing seems to come, continue to rest in the arms of the Beloved. If there is no visual sense of presence, notice if perhaps there is a felt sense in your body.

Once you feel connected in this sanctuary space, you might ask your guardian angel a question or share something on your heart. Then listen for any wisdom offered.

Ask your guardian angel if there is a particular sign in your daily life you can pay attention to, to be assured of their presence with you. See what the response is. It might be through a sound, a symbol, or through a felt sense in your body.

Make a commitment to tend more diligently to their presence in your daily life.

Give thanks for this time together. Allow several deep breaths and then slowly transition back to the room you are in.

Christine Valters Paintner in The Love of Thousands