Look back at your day and make a list of the events that stand out to you. Did you notice the sunrise this morning? Did a friend make you laugh? Did the news on the radio, television, or internet fill you with fear or anger?

Consider – what is the Divine Voice saying to you through each of these things? Do you hear the affirmation that you are loved? Or might the Spirit be calling you to take action in some way?

Now respond in words. You may find it easier at first to write rather than speak. If so, write down both sides of a conversation between yourself and God (in whatever form you imagine the Divine – Friend or Love, Mother or Father, Child or Beast, Tree or Sea … or sheer Mystery). Say whatever you want to say to the One who loves you unconditionally – and then imagine you hear responses to your words. Allow your pen to flow across the paper without stopping to edit or criticize your words.

When your pen slows, and you can no longer think of anything to say, stop writing. Read over what you have written. Do you see any new insights about yourself or the Spirit of Love? Does anything surprise you? Does anything make you curious, longing to know more?

Writing this form of prayer may help you feel more comfortable with interacting conversationally with the Unseen – but eventually, you can practice this prayer inside your head, even in the middle of a busy day.

Patrick Saint-Jean in The Spirituality of Transformation, Joy, and Justice