God, our creator and sustainer, we give you thanks for the gift of boundaries. At the dawn of creation, you brought chaos into order by establishing boundaries between the heavens and the earth; between land, sea, and sky; between day and night; between the creatures of the world; between Eve and Adam. In both dwelling among us and withdrawing from us, you have shown us that honoring our need for rest and restoration is holy and that guarding ourselves from harmful relationships and activities is divine. Enable us this day to live into this good heritage by setting our boundary lines in pleasant places. Amen.

I Shall Not Be Moved
African American Heritage Hymnal, #479

From the beginning of time, God has rendered order out of chaos by setting boundaries. And from the very beginning, God herself has endured creation’s testing of her boundaries. As you go forth into this day, may your boundary lines fall in pleasant places. And may you remember that as a cocreator with God, you have the power and authority to nudge your boundary lines when they do not. Amen.

Chanequa Walker-Barnes in Sacred Self-Care