The practice of yoga, when united with a precise and luminous mystical consciousness, offers an unshakeable foundation for the great work ahead. This is the great work we have been destined for since the beginning: the birthing of a humble, generous, tenderhearted, illumined divine humanity on Earth.

B. K. S. Iyengar, the great pioneer of the modern renaissance of yoga, writes in Light on Life, "It is no extravagant claim to say that wisdom has come to me by the practice of yoga, and the grace of God has lit the lamp in the inner core of me. This allows me to see the same light of the soul glowing in all other beings."

From this wisdom, inspired by the vision that your illuminated inner core gives you, realize the ultimate purpose of embodying the light, which is to be a light for yourself and others, and to serve all beings with a full and glowing heart. As Iyengar guides us, "Be inspired but not proud. Do not aim low; you will miss the mark. Aim high, you will be on the threshold of bliss."

Attune yourself to what serves you best, in this moment. To be of service in a sustainable way, you must know and respond to what you need.

Andrew Harvey, Karuna Erickson, Heart Yoga