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Food for The Heart An explanation of how being open to the truth leads to peace.
Food for The Heart Wisdom on meditation, nonattachment, dhamma fighting, and the rewards of patient enduring.
Ajahn Chah in Frederic Brussat's Twitter Collection Live a virtuous life
Being Dharma Presents the important practices of mindfulness, restraint, equilibrium, and right views.
Everything Arises, Everything Falls Away Ajahn Cha's spiritual practice to remind ourselves about impermanence and uncertainty.
Everything Arises, Everything Falls Away Focuses on right view, impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, letting go, and other essential Buddhist teachings.
Being Dharma Ajahn Chah's unique take on being present.
Everything Arises, Everything Falls Away Ajahn Chah's story on letting go of attachment to be present.
Uncertainty Abounds Accepting impermanence.
Ajahn Chah in A Heart Full of Peace If my mind doesn't go out to disturb the noise