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Simply Mindful An overview with some fresh angles on mindfulness practice.
Reflect Instructions from a mindfulness coach on how to have deeper experiences with the mundane and ordinary in our daily lives.
101 Mindful Ways to Build Resilience Mindfulness practices to lift your spirits
Clearing Emotional Clutter More proof that Donald Altman is a master of mindfulness practices.
Meal by Meal Donald Altman on being kind with our leftover food.
The Joy Compass A gold mine of spiritual exercises on mining the meaning of joy.
The Mindfulness Code Donald Altman on using balance breaks during the day to ward off stress, anxiety, and fear.
One-Minute Mindfulness Donald Altman on caring for your body and mind early in the day.
One-Minute Mindfulness Mindfulness exercises to increase our awareness and focus our attention on the present moment.
An Interview with Donald Altman An interview covering definitions of mindfulness, where it is being applied today, and brain research supporting its value.