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You know almost nothing You know almost nothing
Trees do not force their sap Trees do not force their sap
Stories inside of us that we are unaware of Stories inside of us that we are unaware of
Beyond the Gates A compelling drama about the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and the moral heroism of a compassionate priest.
The Heart of Creativity Talks about music and the education of his imagination.
City by the Sea An intense and satisfying drama about the release of guilt, pain, and suffering in the reconciliation between a father and son who have been alienated from each other for 14 years.
Rob Roy A fine and fetching swashbuckling drama with equal doses of heroism and love.
Creating an Imaginative Life A beautifully written and compelling spiritual autobiography of a pianist and composer.
This Boy's Life How a resilient teenager survives childhood trauma and adversity through independence, anger, and creativity.
Scandal Depicts the 1963 Profumo affair in England as an episode in class warfare.