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Kimi A timely, tense, and ethically rich high-tech thriller.
The Laundromat How to turn the tables on the super rich.
High Flying Bird A probe of the toxins of pro basketball: racism, money greed, and power plays.
Logan Lucky A frolicsome rural crime thriller.
Side Effects Another mesmerizing thriller from Steven Soderbergh set in the world of Big Pharma and the widespread use of antidepressant drugs.
Contagion An absorbing, nuanced film about a global pandemic in which the battle against a deadly virus draws out the best and the worst in human beings.
The Informant! Another creative and daring addition to Steven Soderbergh's impressive collection of adventuresome films.
Che A complex portrait of Che as a revolutionary, a guerilla leader, a doctor, a believer in loyalty, and a man willing to suffer for his beliefs.
Ocean's Thirteen A fast-paced lark of a movie that makes it clear that in this cruel and crafty world, friends have to stick together.
The Good German A murder mystery, a love story, and a glimpse of the beginning of conflict between the United States and Russia following the defeat of Germany in World War II.