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Through a Dog's Ear An unusual and practical CD put together by a psychoacoustic expert, a concert pianist, and a veterinary neurologist.
The Art of Emotional Healing Sixty exercises in the creative arts to pave the way to emotional expression and healing.
Soundbreaking An extraordinary eight-hour documentary about the innovators of recorded music during 100 years of sustained creativity.
The Rising The Rising by Bruce Springsteen is a soulful album forged out of this rock singer/songwriter's deluge of feelings flowing from the tragedy and thetrauma of September 11.
Put On a Happy Face A cheery little volume that provides a passport into the land of playfulness and glad tidings.
Edward Hopper's Hotel Room A spiritual workout with a painting of a sad and lonely woman.
The Meditative Gardener Meditations and stunning photographs of gardens by a mindfulness meditation teacher.
Dirty Wow Wow and Other Love Stories Photographs and stories about 50 treasured companions of childhood including toys and stuffed animals.
The Arts as Treasured Companions on Our Spiritual Journeys What music, art, and photography bring to a spiritual quest.
Wyeth: American Masters An engrossing documentary on the life and legacy of the very popular American painter.