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A New Heart Robert Morneau on the demon of joylessness.
The Collected Works of Chogyam Trungpa: Volume Eight On the basic nature of goodness in people and the world.
Patience Eknath Easwaran on how the person who practices love or kindness leaves behind a fragrance of goodness.
Unapologetic Francis Spufford on Christianity's teachings on peace.
Seeking Enlightenment . . . Hat by Hat Nevada Barr on connecting goodness and Halloween with a quest to find God.
Faith and Will Julia Cameron's affirmation that there is a divine plan for our life and God is constantly acting on our behalf (grace).
Saving Jesus from the Church Robin Meyers on how the practice of Christianity is made possible not by intellectual assent to propositions but by an existential embrace of worthiness or grace.
Etty Hillesum Etty Hillseum, a Holocaust victim, on her survival perspective and living a good and faithful life.
A Little Book on Prayer A Unitarian minister probes her prayer life.
The Way of Beauty Five elegant and philosophical meditations on the meaning of beauty.