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The Tao of Forgiveness William Martin with a teaching story revealing that forgiveness cannot be earned.
Hanging Onto Hope Wise and inspiring counsel on a spiritual practice desperately needed in our times.
Beyond Forgiveness Michael N. Nagler's essay on pride standing in the way of atonement.
The God of Second Chances Twelve essays about the grace of God that is to be found in the second chances we receive and which we give to others.
Sneeze, Big Bear, Sneeze! A delightful story about a Big Bear who demonstrates the kindness of courtesy.
Symphonies for the Soul The gift of music to heal common maladies of soul.
Sixty The nastiness of regrets, fear of the long haul, and other realizations of a sixty year old.
The Tao of Forgiveness A fascinating and fruitful exploration of forgiveness through Taoist and Zen stories, poems, questions, and exercises.
The God We Never Knew Marcus J. Borg's affirmations about God's will for the creation.
In Search of Wisdom Wisdom shared by three accomplished teachers who have a firm grasp on what is important.