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50 Ways to Save the Ocean Suggestions for preserving our sacred ocean.
The Book of Soul A reflection upon spiritual practice as leading to an immersion in life.
Random Acts of Kindness A delightful book that puts some snap, crackle, and pop into your acts of kindness.
Jewish Mysticism and the Spiritual Life Jeremy Kalmanofsky on the mystical idea of being a portion of God on high.
How Roland Rolls A children's picture book about a wave who discovers that he's also the ocean and is interconnected with all of life.
Water Sings Blue An exquisite children's picture book celebrating the beauties of the ocean, beaches, fish, and other aspects of the natural world.
These Seas Count A children's number book that reminds children of all the beings that inhabit the sea and encourages them to take care of the oceans.
Little Houses A seaside story that sparks spontaneous wonder and helps build it into a lifelong practice.
Unsolaced Spiritual lessons from the ice-adapted people of Greenland.
Love Is a Stranger Jelaluddin Rumi's poem on questing through the darkness.