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Birthday of Pablo Casals Celebrating the musician's birthday by reflecting on some of his ideas.
Rustin An inspiring biopicture of the civil rights leader who organized the March on Washington.
American Fiction A satire with heart challenging the stereotypes and narrative tropes in Black fiction.
The Mysterion A masterwork on the Sufi worldview as taught by Rumi and practiced through everyday spirituality.
Fallen Leaves A heartfelt romantic drama about two lonely people with the courage to fall in love.
Anatomy of a Fall Courtroom drama that raises questions about the stresses of a marriage.
Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer A creative portrait of a lover of Mystery.
The Taste of Things A love story revolving around the awe cooks bring to the preparation of food.
Albert Brooks: Defending My Life A documentary guaranteed to make you laugh about one of the greatest comedians of our time.
Christmas Four readings for Christmas Day by Howard Thurman about hope, Madonna and Child, and the challenge of carrying on the work of this religious holiday.