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Buddha Standard Time A timely and wide-ranging book on the wisdom Buddhism has to offer in response to the problems of time starvation, addiction to speed, and distractions.
Buddha Standard Time Lama Surya Dass with practical tips for living fully during delays and interruptions.
The Mind Is Mightier than the Sword An enlightening and inspiring collection of dharma talks on the essentials of Buddhism.
Words of Wisdom Pithy spiritual quotations from a master Tibetan Buddhist teacher.
Buddha Is As Buddha Does A solid and substantive presentation of the ten transformative practices behind the Bodhsattva path of compassion.
The Big Questions Solid evidence for the importance of questioning in the spiritual life.
Buddha Is As Buddha Does Ten transformative practices that animate bodhisattvas in a world of violence and disarray.
Natural Radiance A combination book and CD with Tibetan meditation practices.
Awakening the Buddha Within A clear-minded and pragmatic primer on the precepts of the Buddha that speak to the contemporary American situation.
The "Ah" Mantra Waking up with the relief of deep sound.