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Living in Gratitude A thematically rich and spiritually rewarding guide to a month-by-month practice of gratitude.
Gratitude The benefits of gratitude for blessings, learnings, mercies, and protections.
The Power of Forgiveness Three ways to consciously invite forgiveness into your life.
Gratitude Stories, suggestions, and insights into the spiritual practice of gratitude.
The Second Half of Life A compelling primer on the second half of life, which presents this stage as one of great adventure and meaning.
Signs of Life Explores the meaning and significance of the five basic shapes in the art of all countries.
Signs of Life
The Nine Muses A playful sourcebook on mythology and the Sacred Feminine.
The Second Half of Life Elderhood celebrated as generativity, intimacy and creativity.
The Four-Fold Way Taps into the sacred wisdom of shamanic traditions.